Fraud Reporting

We all pay the price for fraud against our health and social services

Every year a small minority abuse the HSC system and claim payments and services they are not entitled to or steal/misuse health service resources. This is fraud and we all pay the price. Money lost to fraud means less for the delivery of patient care. Now more than ever we need to work together to safeguard the resources we have available.
If you suspect wrongdoing you have a responsibility to report it

What can you do ?

  • raise your concerns with your Line Manager
  • contact your organisation's Fraud Liaison Officer
  • call the confidential HSC Fraud Hotline on 0800 096 33 96
  • send a report¬†online
  • visit Counter Fraud and Probity Services on the BSO website
  • write to:
    Counter Fraud and Probity Services
    Business Services Organisation
    2 Franklin Street