Healthy Start

Healthy Start provides claimants with free vouchers every week which you swap for milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and infant formula milk in participating stores. Further information on these stores can be found on the national Healthy Start website.

Why are vitamin supplements important?

You will get most of the vitamins you need if you eat healthy foods. However:

-    young children may not get enough Vitamin A,C and D from their food

-    pregnant and breastfeeding women may not get enough Vitamin D or Folic Acid, which may harm their baby.

Your health visitor or midwife can give you advice on the scheme. For more information on the benefits of taking vitamin supplements please click here.

How to apply

A request for vouchers should be made to:

 Healthy Start Issuing Unit
 PO Box 1067
 WA55 1EG
 Telephone : 0845 607 6823
 Website :

Once you have received your vouchers, send the voucher still attached to the top portion of the issuing letter (containing name, address and date of issue) to the Healthy Start Team who will process your request and send the vitamins to you. Vouchers should be sent to:

 Healthy Start Team
 Business Services Organisation
 Pinewood Villa
 73 Loughgall Road
 BT61 7PR
 Telephone : 028 3741 2744