Entitlement to NHS services and first time registration

In order to register with a doctor and obtain a medical card you need to fill in an application form. This form is called an HSCR-1. It is available in a range of other languages. Please click on the respective links below to download the form in translation. The form should be presented to a doctor of your choice in the area in which you reside. This form is also available in any doctors' surgery.

Provision of Health Services to Persons Not Ordinarily Resident Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015

Patient Guide to Entitlement and Lawfulness

HSCR-1 (ENGLISH)  Entitlement aid (ENGLISH)
HSCR-1 (ARABIC)  Entitlement aid (ARABIC)
HSCR-1 (BULGARIAN)  Entitlement aid (BULGARIAN)
HSCR-1 (HUNGARIAN)  Entitlement aid (HUNGARIAN)
HSCR-1 (MANDARIN)  Entitlement aid (MANDARIN)
HSCR-1 (POLISH)  Entitlement aid (POLISH)
HSCR-1 (ROMANIAN)  Entitlement aid (ROMANIAN)
HSCR-1 (SLOVAK)  Entitlement aid (SLOVAK)
HSCR-1 (TETUM)  Entitlement aid (TETUM)