Customer Survey Information


Objectives of Surveys

The surveys are issued to help BSO to:

  • Assess customer satisfaction across a range of BSO service areas.
  • Compare results with previous years, using a core set of "corporate" questions.
  • Devise and drive a set of Improvement Plans for the coming year.

Key Results 2013/14

  • 725 responses received which increased by 38.4% on 12/13.
  • Overall satisfaction rate of 74.7 which is fairly consistent with results from years 1 - 4. There is a continuing fall in the rate of dissatisfied respondents at 4.5%.
  • When considering the length of time to complete a particular service, respondents also reported a high rate of satisfaction – 74.1%. Less than 10% of respondents felt that BSO took too long to complete the service.
  • 80% of respondents reported that they were satisfied with the length of time they waited for a response to their query. 7.9% believed that they waited too long for a response.
  • 49.3% of respondents believed that the BSO provided a value for money service, a result which is consistent with years 1-4 of the survey. However, this question also attracts a large number of “mid-range” responses (41.2%). For this question, 9.6% provided a negative response.
  • 43.5% of respondents felt that service had improved in the preceding 12 months.