Risk Management

Risk Management is the process by which an organisation takes steps to control the risks to which it may be exposed.

BSO Approach to Risk

The Business Services Organisation Policy Statement on Risk is:

"The BSO will ensure that the management of risk is an integral element of its work in relation to customers, staff and the public (where relevant)."

Click on the link to view the BSO Risk Management Strategy inc Policy Statement.

This strategy applies to all BSO employees, contractors and other third parties working within the BSO.

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Risk Guidance

Risk is something which affects everyone within the BSO and managing risk effectively is something in which all BSO management and all staff have a part to play.

In conjunction with the Risk Mangement Module on the BSO eLearning Centre the following guidance is made available to staff.

Click on the link to view the BSO Risk Management Guide.

Click on the link to view the procedure for the BSO Management of Risk Registers. This procedure applies to all BSO staff involved in Risk Identification, Risk Assessment and the management of BSO Risk Registers.

Risk Reporting

Reflecting the core principles that risk managment should be embedded in the organisational management processes, the reporting arrangements developed within the BSO are at two levels: Corporate and Directorate.

Corporate Risks are managed by the BSO Senior Management Team (SMT) and each month SMT discuss, review and report on corporate risks.  Each quarter a Corporate Risk and Assurance Report is presented to the BSO Board.  Follow pathway 'About BSO'.

Directorate/Service Risks are managed at Director level and are kept under regular review by the Director/Assistant Director and discussed at operational meetings.

Each year the BSO produces an Annual Risk Report which summarises the risk management activity undertaken in year and sets out an action plan for risk management activity for the forthcoming year. 

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