Directorate of Legal Services

The Directorate of Legal Services (DLS) is the sole provider of legal services for the public Health and Social Care Sector (HSC) in Northern Ireland.

Contacting DLS

If you know which solicitor is dealing with the relevant case or matter, please continue to contact that solicitor directly by email/mobile phone.  

If you are contacting us in relation to a new case or matter, please contact the relevant solicitor by email/mobile phone where possible.

If you do not have contact details for the relevant solicitor, the following email addresses can be used, but please note that these mailboxes are not monitored outside normal working hours :-

Employment Law –

Clinical Negligence, Coroners – Clinneg&

Commercial Law –

Mental Capacity, Judicial Review – Mentalcapacity&

Emergency Children Law –

Mental Health Tribunal –

In the interests of reducing environmental impact, please send all correspondence to DLS by email only.


June Turkington

Interim Chief Legal Adviser

May 2022