Key Personnel

Head of ORECNI: Dr Siobhan McGrath

REC A Manager: Mrs Tamla Ervine

REC B Manager: Mrs Denise Nesbitt (Mr Matthew Mills) 

Proportionate Review Manager: Mrs Melissa Stewart

Ethics Administrator: Fiona McNally

Please note that all communications and enquiries to the Committee Chairpersons or other Committee members must be made directly to the ORECNI Office at

Members of HSC Research Ethics Committees have been appointed through a public appointment process. The responsibility for this process is now with the Business Services Organisation (BSO). The BSO is now the Appointing Authority for all HSC RECs.


REC Manager: Mrs Tamla Ervine

Proportionate Review Manager: Mrs Melissa Stewart

REC Members

Member Name



Dr Alastair Walker (Chair)

Retired Head of Education Services, CCEA Lay

Dr Mary Murphy (Vice Chair)

Registered Nurse Expert

Mr Barry Mimnagh (Alternate Vice-Chair)

Pharmacist Expert

Dr Charles Mullan

Consultant Radiologist Expert

Dr Helen Harty

Clinical Facilitator/ Trainer Lay

Dr Toni McAloon

Nurse Lecturer Expert

Professor Mahendra Varma

Consultant Cardiologist (Retired) Expert

Mrs Margaret Brady

Deputy Chief Education Welfare Officer Operations, NEELB Export

Ms Rejina Mariam Verghis

Junior Biostatistician Expert

Dr Lorna Lawther

Registered Midwife Expert

Mrs Julie Howse

Barrister Lay

Ms Marie Fenton

Social Worker Expert

Dr Andrew Moriarty

Research Cardiologist Expert

Ms Rosemary Kelly

Registered Nurse Expert

Mr James Cooke

Student Lay

Dr Sinead Watson

Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast Expert

Ms Rebecca Davidson

Independent Advocate, Alzheimer’s Society Lay

Ms Karen Mooney

Volunteer Lay

Dr Danielle Logan

Biostatistician Expert (deputy for Ms Rejina Mariam Verghis)

Ms Dawn Harbinson

Volunteer Lay (deputy for Mrs Julie Howse)

Mr Eamonn Toner

General Dental Practice Principal and Practice Owner Expert (deputy for Dr Toni McAloon)



REC Manager: Mrs Denise Nesbitt

Proportionate Review Manager: Mrs Melissa Stewart

REC Members

Member Name



Professor Patrick Murphy (Chair)

Advisor in Political, Social and Economic Policy Lay

Dr Anne Moorhead (Vice Chair)

Senior Lecturer in Health and Communication Lay

Ms Sue Trouton (Alternate Vice Chair)

Maternity Peripatetic Assessor Expert

Dr Seamus O'Brien

Nurse Manager Expert

Mr John Mone

Former Executive Director of Nursing Lay

Mrs Marilyn Trimble

Lecturer in Law and Ethics and Business Law Lay

Ms Aine Morrison

Service Manager Expert

Mrs Cliona McDowell

Biostatistician Expert

Dr Ronald Atkinson

Retired Consultant in Oncology Expert

Dr Mark Reid

Retired Consultant Paediatrician Expert

Ms Mary McMahon

Retired Lay

Mr Martin Fisher

Legal and Regulatory Officer Lay

Dr Donna Kernaghan

Research and Policy Officer Lay

Mrs Evelyn Melanophy

Solicitor Lay

Mr Glenn Phair

Health Economist Lay

Dr Samantha Stewart

NI Civil Servant Lay

Mrs Kerrie McLarnon

Nurse Expert

Dr Helen Baron

Project Officer Lay (Deputy for Mr Glenn Phair)

Ms Julia Linden

Nurse Expert (Deputy for Ms Aine Morrison)

Mr Nikolay Peev

Consultant Neurosurgeon Expert (Deputy for Ms Sue Trouton)


Please note that the classification of 'Expert' and 'Lay' Members is as defined by the UK Clinical Trials Regulation (2004).