Electronic Materials Management - EMM

What is Electronic Materials Management (EMM)?

      Electronic Materials Management can be defined as - “the electronic management and control of goods from acquisition to delivery at point of use.”

      EMM is a system which we developed with our customers and introduced into wards/departments to make best use of space and simplify and automate re-ordering of goods by product bar-coding scanning.

      EMM utilises a “two bin” system to control stock and simplify replenishment with Procurement and Logistics Service staff ordering goods on behalf of nursing staff thus reducing their time to nurse patients.


What are the benefits of EMM?

To our customers

      Better use of limited storage space

      Ensures stock rotation which helps minimise wastage due to out of date products

      Paperless ordering

      Shorter lead time from order to delivery of goods

      Automatic authorisation due to pre-agreed re-order quantity levels

      Product bar-code labelling removes the possibility of ordering the wrong items

      Less money tied up stock held at department/ward level

      Releasing nurses time to nurse


To ourselves (Procurement and Logistics Service)

      Smoother product demand patterns which helps stock holding quantities and improve service  levels

      Less returns to store for product incorrectly ordered

      No time required checking requisitions for approval and product code queries

EMM and your Department