Discovering Diversity

Discovering Diversity is an interactive eLearning programme designed to make learning more engaging and flexible. This programme leads you through a journey of exploration of difference, which should help you in dealing positively with difference in your HSC workplace. There are three sections of modules to complete:

1-4: Us and Them: Four Modules on making the best of diversity and difference in the workplace

5: Disability Awareness: One Module introducing you to good practice on supporting colleagues & service users with disabilities.

6: Cultural Competence: One Module making you aware of your responsibilities in relation to working with and providing services to people with different cultural backgrounds.

There are two versions of the programme:

1. Intranet version – – on this version you can register on with your HSCNI email address, but is only accessible in work

2. Internet version – – on this version you can register with any email address (including your work email) and is accessible from home, but your access request has to be approved before you can use the system.

To begin the training simply register on one of the above sites.