Prescription Request Form

Please Note:

This service can only be used by Prescribers Registered with BSO. It is not for General Public Use.



From Thursday 1st July 2021 re-ordering of all prescription forms for use in primary care will move to an online form.

Once the online form has been completed and submitted it will automatically go to DLRT for processing and you will receive an electronic copy of the submission for your records. From this date you will no longer be able to post or email a request form to DLRT. 

A link to the new online form (Prescription Request Form) and a user guide can be found using the links below.


Please note - Cipher numbers are not transferable across practices.  Prescribers working in multiple practices must have a separate unique cipher number for each practice or clinical setting.


Online Request Form - Prescription Request Form


User Guide - How to submit a request for prescription pads


Troubleshooting Workaround

If you are experiencing any difficulties opening the Prescription Request Form, please follow the below guidance to open the Request Form within the Microsoft Edge Browser:


1: Right click the above Prescription Request Form link 

2: Select Open with Microsoft Edge on the drop down sub-menu


3: The Prescription Request Form will open within the Microsoft Edge Browser with full functionality