Current Research Projects

Here you will find a list and short description of each of the Projects currently being carried out through the Honest Broker Service: 

R-070 Investigating the association between biologic use, medication adherence and comorbidities in severe asthma: an analysis of linked data – QUB

R-069 Estimation of Vulnerable Newborn phenotypes: individual-level analyses of national and sub-national data – QUB

R-068 Using data science and systems engineering to plan patient-centred outpatient healthcare services – QUB

R-067 The changing relationship between disadvantage and child welfare interventions – QUB

R-066 COVID-19 impact in those with Severe Mental Illness (SMI), and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) in Northern Ireland: exploring the relationship between COVID-19 and patterns of hospitalisation and medication use; rates of suicide/suicidal behaviour; treatment outcomes (including relationship with GP); and mortality – UU

R-065 CovPall-Connect. Evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic response in palliative and end of life care: Connecting to boost impact and data assets. - National Core Study

R-064 Data and Connectivity: COVID-19 Vaccines Pharmacovigilance (DaC-VaP) - National Core Study

R-063 Prescribing trends for Depression, Anxiety and Alzheimer’s Disease in the Northern Ireland Type 2 Diabetes Population- are GLP-1 agonists protective? – UU

R-062 Multimorbidity and pregnancy: epidemiology, clusters, prescriptions and preterm birth – QUB

R-061 Northern Ireland Multi-morbidity Cohort (NIMC): Measures of multi-morbidity and its impact on mortality - QUB

R-060 Impact of COVID-19 on mental health in Northern Ireland- QUB

R-059 SARS-CoV-2 related deaths: an in-depth examination- QUB

R-058 Challenges and Possible Solutions for Long Waiting Times for Elective Surgeries in Northern Ireland – QUB

R-056 An examination of the role of socio-economic factors and maternal health on child oral health – QUB

R-054 Using linked healthcare records to identify the prevalence, characteristics and clinical outcomes of patients with Severe Eosinophilic Asthma in Northern Ireland – QUB

R-053 Elective surgery rates in people with dementia – QUB

R-052 Maternal Exposure to Air Pollution during Pregnancy and Infant Health – QUB

R-051 Antipsychotic and antidepressant use among people with dementia in Northern Ireland: A retrospective analysis – QUB

R-050 Linking Psychological Therapies Service outcomes data with hospital admissions and prescriptions data – NHSCT

R-049 Health service use and outcomes in later life: an examination of urban and rural health inequalities in Northern Ireland – UU

R-048 Physical Healthcare Outcomes in those with Severe Mental Illness (SMI’s) in Northern Ireland: exploring health outcomes (treatment and Mortality) associated with service use differences between those with SMI and the general hospital population – UU

R-047 Dental and Ophthalmic Health in Northern Ireland: an examination of disparities in rates between those with severe mental Illness (SMI) and the general hospital population – UU

R-046 Understanding real world healthcare costs for living donor kidney transplantation – QUB

R-045 Mothers first: Unlocking the potential of Northern Ireland’s administrative maternity data – UU

R-044 Assessing the rates and reasons behind falls and fractures of people with dementia in Northern Ireland – QUB

R-043 Mild cognitive impairment and dementia using NI Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA) - QUB

R-042 Living alone with dementia: related use of drugs - QUB

R-041 Investigating the relationship between dementia and cancer in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-040 Co-medication burden with polypharmacy and hyper polypharmacy in people with dementia – QUB

R-039 Sleep medication use in Cerebral Palsy: a comparison between those with Cerebral Palsy and the typically developing population in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-038 Health and social selection bias on consent to participation in the Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing - QUB

R-037 Acute myocardial infarction rates and management in dementia – QUB

R-036 Hospitalisation rates in dementia - QUB

R-035 Short, medium and long-term outcomes of root filled molar teeth treated within Northern Ireland General Dental Practices and factors that may affect this outcome - QUB

R-034 Mental health, firearm ownership, and risk of death by suicide: a population-wide data linkage study – QUB

R-033 Evaluation of outcomes of patients with elevated tTG antibodies and Gluten-free food prescription utilisation in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-032 Investigation of the link between maternal body mass index in early pregnancy and incidence of cerebral palsy in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-031 Myotonic dystrophy in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-030 Childhood interactions with social services and risk of poor health and social outcomes in adulthood: a population wide data linkage study - QUB

R-029 Assessing the rate of anticholinergic drug prescriptions for persons with dementia in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-028 Early and late onset of dementia in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-027 Mortality rates of dementia and associated factors in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-026 Transition from home to care home for people with dementia in Northern Ireland - QUB

R-025 Use of prescribed contraceptives in Northern Ireland 2010-2016 - UU

R-024 Pathways to a cancer diagnosis: monitoring variation in the patient journey across Northern Ireland - QUB and BSO

R-023 Type 1 diabetes diagnosed in Northern Ireland children - risks factors, complications and mortality - QUB

R-022 Self-reported mental disorders in pregnancy: analysis of data from the Northern Ireland Maternity System (NIMATS) - QUB 

R-021 Evaluation of Maternal diseases & medications recorded in the NIMATS database compared to the NI EPD - UUJ

R-020 Prevalence & Risk factors of Congenital Heart Disease in NI - UUJ

R-019 Alzheimers Disease and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs - QUB

R-018 Suicide, Medications and Service Use - UU Magee

R-017 Beta-adrenergic receptor expression and beta-blocker drug use: association with breast cancer survival - QUB

R-016 The relationship between waiting times and treatment outcomes for cancer patients - NI Assembly  

R-015 Evaluating the implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol - Harmonising alcohol-related outcomes data across the UK & Ireland - QUB

R-014 Stratified Medicine in Mental Health: Antidepressant prescribing patterns in Northern Ireland - UU Magee

R-013 Antibiotic prescribing in older people and trends on movement into institutional care: a record linkage study - QUB

R-012 Commonly prescribed drugs and association with cancer progression - QUB

R-011 Identifying and understanding inequalities in child welfare intervention rates: comparative studies in four UK countries – QUB

R-010 Exploring the problem of pain in the Cerebral Palsy population: Piloting a big data approach – QUB

R-009 The relationship between people with borderline personality disorder and general practitioners: Analysis of Northern Ireland patient Health and Social Care data - UU Magee

R-008 Investigating maternal and foetal outcomes for women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) - UUJ

R-007 Investigating morbidity and mortality outcomes in patients with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) - WHSCT and UUJ

R-006 To determine the profile of women in Northern Ireland from 2014-2015 who have accessed maternity services and who have complex healthcare needs and/or disabilities – UUJ

R-005 A study to explore care provision to older people with mental health needs who access pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care service (EMS) - UU Magee

R-004 Evaluation of past and present implementation of Telemonitoring NI - QUB

R-003 A pilot study to assess the influence of early life events on future risk of development of inflammatory bowel disease – SHSCT and QUB

R-002 The impact of antibiotic prescription in surrounding community on the incidence rates of nosocomial extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing strains in hospitalised patients – QUB

R-001 Early Life Factors and Mental Health in adulthood – QUB