PCD1 Application Form

The majority of CD prescribing by health practitioners will be carried out under the NHS, however there may be occasions when private prescribing is required for either stock and/or named patients.

If it is necessary to prescribe a Schedule 2 or 3 controlled drug in a private capacity for a named patient, prescribers must use a PCD1 form.  Any prescriber wishing to obtain a pad of PCD1 forms needs to complete a PCD1 application form and CD self-assessment return it to: pcd1applications@hscni.net, or by post to Directorate of Primary Care, 12-22 Linenhall Street, Belfast.

Before completing the application form, prescribers are advised to read the other resources at this link which include:

· Guidance on Private Prescribing of CDs for both Stock and Named Patients

· Prescription security guidance