NI HSC Interpreting Service

The Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service (NIHSCIS) is the first point of contact for all HSC Language Interpreting in Northern Ireland.

The main aim of the Service is to improve access to Health and Social Care for Patients who do not speak English as a first or competent second language.

NIHSCIS provides face to face Interpreters for the 5 Health and Social Care Trusts, Primary Care Services and other approved HSC providers.

  • NIHSC Interpreters are professionally trained and adhere to a BSO Terms of Engagement for Interpreters
  • NIHSC Interpreters are bound by confidentiality
  • NIHSCIS provides Interpreters 24/7
  • NIHSCIS currently provides Interpreters in 36 different languages
  • NIHSCIS Interpreters are provided free-of-charge to patients and Practitioners

Contact Details

  • Monday to Friday 9am-5pm - Tel: 028 9536 3777
  • Out of Hours - Tel: 028 9615 8200
  • General Queries - Email:

The BSO Health and Social Care Interpreting Service is currently seeking applications for the following languages: TETUM, SOMALI, DARI, PASHTO, and UKRAINIAN