The Big Word Telephone Interpreting Service

The Big Word Telephone Interpreting Service is the PaLS contracted provider of telephone interpreting for all HSC Organisations in Northern Ireland.

Telephone Interpreting:

  • is available on demand
  • can be accessed 24/7
  • supports unplanned interpreting requirements
  • makes it easy for you to communicate quickly
  • is free of charge to HSC Staff and Practitioners

How to access a Telephone Interpreter

Access and language codes are required to use the service.  Please contact your local Equality Unit or Practice Support Manager if you do not have the required codes.

Step 1: Call 0333 344 9473

Step 2: Enter your Access Code

Step 3: Enter the Language Code you require, or press 0 for a Customer Care Representative.  If you do not know the language you require, press 700 for Language Identifier.

Step 4: Wait on the line and you will be put through to an Interpreter for that language.  When connected, outline the nature of your call.

To arrange a 3-way conference (for example contacting patients at home) please call 0333 344 9461

Big Word Telephone Interpreting Service

Language Chart

NIHSCIS Access Criteria 2016

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