BSO Dental Portal

New Dental Contracts.

All Dentists, once their NHS contract is active, who wish to connect to the BSO Dental Portal and the use any of the hosted applications, must contact the eBusiness Team to begin the process. 

User Agreement documentation is required to be completed and returned.

Accessing the HSCNI Network / Dental Portal

Please ensure you use the correct URL.  

During the process to establish a secure connection into the HSCNI Network, the F5 security authentication protocols associated with each URL are unique and have a direct correlation to the functionality of the hosted applications on the BSO Dental Portal

FPPS Dental Payments, HSCNI Email and Interpreting Service applications use –

CCG eReferral application use –

Application Functionality

All hosted applications will have inbuilt functionality specific to the application itself rather than the browser used to access it.  Should any Dental contractor have queries or encounter problems, please contact the relevant team for further assistance.

Important Information (Updated: 22nd February 2022)

Microsoft previously announced that as of 15th June 2022 their Internet Explorer browser will be retired from usage, and have significantly moved up their timeframe regarding their plans to completely remove Internet Explorer (IE11) on Windows 10 devices.

  • The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application has now been permanently disabled through a Microsoft Edge update released on 14th February 2023.
  • All Internet Explorer 11 visual references – such as the desktop shortcuts, start menu and taskbar icons – will be removed by the June 2023 Windows security update scheduled for Tuesday 13th June 2023.

As the current version of the CCG software does not support a modern browser (Edge) this may have an immediate and direct effect on the usage and functionality of the CCG eReferral application depending on:

  • How the Surgery's IT department (if any exists) has reacted to IE's retirement
    • Your IT department may have control over how updates are released
  • The LCG area the surgery is located in:
    • CCG eReferral is currently only available within the Belfast LCG

All other applications hosted on the Dental Portal; FPPS Dental Payments, HSCNI Email and Interpreting Service remain unaffected by the switch to Microsoft Edge.

To ensure the continued usage of the CCG eReferral application going forward, a workaround has been developed until the new CCG software is released - the last expected release date has been quoted as Autumn 2023.

Click HERE to access the CCG eReferral user guide to configure the Microsoft Edge browser with IE Mode.