BSO Dental Portal

Dentists, once their NHS contract is active, wishing to access the BSO Dental Portal and the hosted applications within, must contact the eBusiness Team to begin the process.  User Agreement documentation is required to be completed and returned.

Existing users can access the BSO Dental Portal using the following URLs. 

Please ensure you use the correct URL.  Each application hosted on the BSO Dental Portal has unique functionality requirements depending on the method of security authentication used to establish a connection into the HSCNI Network.

For the FPPS Dental Payments, HSCNI Email and Interpreting Service applications use

For the CCG eReferral application use

Important Information

The Dental Portal must be accessed via the Internet Explorer browser only

The functionality of several hosted applications (FPPS Dental Payments, CCG eReferral, Interpreting Service etc.) is affected within modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If your windows based device (PC / Laptop) has been configured with Microsoft Edge as the default browser, when you select the above link it will open in a browser that is currently unsupported.

How do i know what browser I am using?

Internet Explorer Icon

Microsoft Edge Icon


Click HERE to access a step-by-step guide on how to turn off a feature within Microsoft Edge that, if enabled, automatically forces any old Internet Explorer links to open directly within the Edge browser.

Click HERE to access a step-by-step guide on the process to follow to create two Internet Explorer desktop shortcuts specific for the each URL mentioned above.