Disability Awareness Days

Please click on the links in the table below to view the presentations and features from the days.

 Theme of Day  Date  Information/presentations Disability Insight Feature 
Dyslexia Awareness Day 01/03/2018    Issue 9
Diabetes Awareness Day 30/11/17 Heather Causer & Ryan Burke Diabetes UK - Diabetes and the workplace  Issue 8
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Awareness Day  29/3/17 Mark McCulloch - Occupational health and Low back pain  Issue 7
Cancer Awareness Day  27/1/17

Naomi McKay - Supporting people affected by cancer to remain in or return to work

Dr Miriam McCarthy - Cancer Awareness in Northern Ireland  

 Issue 6
Learning Disability Day  25/02/2016    Issue 5
Deafness and Hearing Loss Day  22/09/2015    Issue 4
Depression Awareness Day  26/01/2015    Issue 3
 World Sight Day  09/10/2014    Issue 2
 International Day of Epilepsy Awareness  26/03/2014    Issue 1