Optometry CPD and Training: Webinars and Events

SPPG Webinars

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  • OCT - What it can tell us (Tuesday 30th May 2023) - Ms Rachel Thomas, Lead Optometrist, Moorfields Eye Hospital London is available HERE

  • SLT, What the Optometrist Needs to Know - (20-March-2023) - Prof Augusto Azuara-Blanco, Consultant Ophthalmologist Belfast Trust and QUB is available HERE

  • Blepharokeratoconjunctivitis: Recognise and Act (27-February-2023) – Mr Michael O’Gallagher, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Belfast Trust is available HERE

  • SPPG Webinar (10-January-2023) : Swollen Optic Nerve(s) - What do i do now? - Mr Lorcan Butler, Optical Engagement Optometrist, The Brain Tumour Charity is available HERE


  • SPPG Webinar (25-October-2022) : How Optometry can access RNIB ECLO Services - Angela O'Kane, ECLO Services Manager is available HERE

  • SPPG Webinar (17-October-2022) : Angles and the Eye - What's Important to know? - Dr Anish Jindal PhD MSc BSc (Hons) FCOptom DipTp (IP) Dip Glauc AFHEA, Principal Optometrist Optometrist-Led Glaucoma Clinics, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation is available HERE

  • SPPG Webinar (4-October-2022) : Painful red eyes and sudden changes in Vision - Stanley Keys, Principal Optometrist NHS Highland is available HERE

  • SPPG Webinar (30-May-2022) : Managing Dementia Patients in Optometry - Dr Frances Duffy, Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist in NHSSCT is available HERE

  • SPPG Webinar (16-May-2022) : NIPEARS - The Eye Casualty Journey – Mr Jonathan Bonner, Ophthalmologist BHSCT is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (10-Jan-22): "Headaches - What Next?" - Dr Louise Rusk is available HERE


  • HSCB Webinar (06-Dec-21): LES II Approved Mandatory Training - Glaucoma Referrals and Case Presentations is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (08-Nov-21): Conjunctivitis – Differential diagnosis, management and treatment options - NIPEARS is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (21-Sep-21): HSCB Updates - ECLO Service, Acute Eyecare update and Learning from Adverse Incidents is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (21-Sep-21): Questions and Answers from recent ECLO and HSCB Updates Webinar is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (08-Sep-21): Post Operative Cataract Care – Clinical and Operational Management of the service is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (11-May-21): Cataracts - How Optometry can aid management is available HERE

  • HSCB Webinar (26-Jan-21): Paediatric Dispensing - Event handout is available HERE


  • HSCB Webinar (04-Aug-20): Acute Emergency Eye Care Event Slides are available HERE

  • HSCB Ophthalmic Services Zoom Meeting (Jun-20): Feedback is available HERE

  • HSCB Video (Jun-20): Training for managing emergencies during Covid pdf is available HERE