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Harm Reduction Services

1. Opioid Substitution Treatment Service

  1. Opioid Substitution Treatment : Northern Ireland Supplementary Guidance for Community Pharmacists 2019 (Version 1.1)  Updated January 2021
  2. Opioid Substitution Treatment : Cover letter issued with Northern Ireland Supplementary Guidance for Community Pharmacists 2019 (July 2019)
  3. Drug Misuse and Dependence : UK Guidelines on Clinical Management 2017
  4. Learning from Serious Adverse Incident (SAI) : Action Required when a Patient Receiving Oral Substitution Treatment (OST) Misses Doses or Circumstances Change (Jan 2021)
  5. Opioid Substitution Treatment : Addendum to NI Supplementary Guidance for Community Pharmacists 2019 (Jan 2021)


2. Needle and Syringe Exchange Service

  1. Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme Leaflet
  2. Annual Report of the Needle & Syringe Exchange Scheme



  • References
  1. "Widening the availability of Naloxone" Guidance 2017

       2.  Take Home Naloxone


4. Additional Support Resources

Supporting the nutritional needs of people at risk of harm due to substance use