Recent Correspondence

Updated: 28th February 2023


  • Letter from Michael O'Neill, General Dental and Ophthalmic Services, RE: General Dental Services Update (24.02.23) is available HERE
  • Letter from Michael Donaldson, SPPG, RE: Resolution of the technical issues with EDI Claim Submissions (09.02.23) is available HERE.
  • Letter from Michael Donaldson, SPPG, RE: Enhanced Dental Access & Prevention of Dental Decay in Children (0 - 10 years) in Northern Ireland is available HERE.  Reference material is available HERE and HERE (Appendix 1 and 2 respectively).



Revenue Grant Scheme 2021/22

  • Letter from Michael Donaldson, HSCB, RE: Revenue Grant Scheme (RGS) for GDS Dental Practices 2021/22 (January 2022) is available HERE
  • Annex 1 - Revenue Grant Scheme (RGS) Application Form (docx) 2021/22 (January 2022) is available HERE
  • Annex 2 - Revenue Grant Scheme (RGS) Priority Areas for Funding (January 2022) is available HERE
  • Annex 3 - Ventilation in Dental Practices (January 2022) is available HERE

30th September 2022 - Letter from Caroline Lappin, CDO - Guidelines for the use of Conscious Sedation in Dentistry in Northern Ireland and Conscious Sedation in Dentistry - Dental Clinical Guidance

7th June 2022 - Letter to GDPs From Michael Donaldson - Process For Termination of a Continuing Care or Capitation Arrangement

7th January 2022 Letter to GDPs - General Dental Services Update

6th January 2022 - DoH Safety Alert - DSI-2021-010 - Rheovalves Needle Free Connector - Baihe Medical



22nd October 2021 - Letter from Daniel Bartsch, GP, Dental and Ophthalmic Service Manager, RE: Claim for missed Item Code 3001 Payments for October 2021 Payment Cycle.

7th October 2021 - Letter from Michael Donaldson, Head of Dental Services and Daniel Bartsch, GP, Dental & Ophthalmic Service Manager, RE: Advice on Submitting Claims for Item Code 3001

7th October 2021 -  Letter from Michael O'Neill, DoH, RE: PPE Funding for General Dental Practioners

24th September 2021 - HSS(MD) 69/2021 - COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Programme for Winter 2021/22

17th September 2021 - HSS(MD) 64/2021 - Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme 2021/22

11th August 2021 - Letter from Dental Payments Team, RE: Items of Service & COVID-19: Support Arrangements for 2021/22

9th August 2021 - Letter from Michael O'Neill, DoH, RE: COVID-19 Support Arrangements for 2021/22

6th August 2021 - HSS(MD) 56/2021 - Further Updated Advice from JCVI Regarding Children Aged 16 and 17 Years of Age

3rd August 2021 - HSS(MD) 54/2021 - Updated JCVI Advice RE: Children 12-17 Years of Age

2nd August 2021 - Letter from Michael Donaldson, Head of Dental Services, RE: Infection Prevention and Control Guidance

28th July 2021 - Letter from Ms Louise McMahon, Director of Integrated Care, RE: HSC Staff - COVID-19 Recognition Payment

23rd July 2021 - HSS(MD) 49/2021 - Fully Vaccinated Health & Social Care Staff Told to Self-Isolate as a Close Contact may be Permitted to Attend Work in Exceptional Circumstances

23rd July 2021 - HSS(MD) 47/2021 - Personal Protective Equipment and Heat: Risk of Heat Stress.

9th July 2021 HSS(MD) - 45/2021 -  EU Settlement Scheme - Access to Healthcare for EU, EEA and Swiss Citizens Resident in Northern Ireland by 31st December 2020

2nd July 2021 - Letter from Michael O'Neill, DoH, RE: COVID-19 Financial Support to NI General Dental Practitioners

7th May 2021 - USC Information for GDP



26th March 2020 - Letter from CMO RE: Diamorpine Hydrochloride Powder for Reconstitution and Injection



3rd December 2019 - Letter from DoH re: the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (NI) 2019 (HSS(MD)36/2019)

11th November 2019 - Letter from HSCB re Agenda for Change Industrial Action – Business Continuity & Contingency Planning

14th October 2019 - Letter from DoH RE: Developing a Statutory Duty of Candour for Health & Social Care

14th October 2019 - Information Brief: What does a Statutory Duty of Candour mean for Health & Social Care

9th October 2019 - Letter from HSCB re: EU Exit

2nd October 2019 - New BSO FPS phone number 

2nd October 2019 - Letter re: Withdrawal of hard copy schedules and HCN phoneline

18th September 2019 - Letter to all GDPs re: Proposed changes to the NIGDS Levy Fund

11th September 2019 - Letter from Department of Health EU Exit Update

4th September 2019 - SQR-SAI-2019-051 (ASPHC) - Delayed Diagnosis of DKA and Type 1 diabetes

11th July 2019 - MDS 737 Amendments to the Statement of Dental Remuneration Corrected

11th July 2019 - Corrected - Statement of Dental Remuneration 2018-19

4th July 2019 - Extension of HPV Vaccination Programme to boys aged 12 to 13 years old

4th July 2019 - Brief update from Department of Health on EU Exit preparations in relation to medicines and medical devices

14th May 2019 Letter to GDPs regarding use of patient eSignatures

28th February 2019 Department of Health EU Exit Operational Readiness Guide

12th February 2019 Letter to practice principles re: CCG eReferral rollout



3rd December 2018 Prior Approval Survey. Click HERE for further information and HERE to complete the Survery.  Thank you.

11th September 2018 NICE Clinicial Guideline (CG) 64 - Adoption of Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme's (SDCEP) implementation advice on antibiotic prophylaxis against infective endocarditis

9th April 2018 HSC Pensions Service Members Newsletter

27th March 2018 Letter from CDO to profession re: EU and UK Mercury Regulations

2nd February Vacancy Notice: Chair of BSO Dental Committee

Expression of Interest / Information Pack / Application Form

15th January 2018 Letter re: Flu Vaccination for Staff



18th December 2017 HSCB letter to GDPs regarding eligibility for Health Service dental treatment