Living Well

“Living Well” provides key public health messages and advice through community pharmacies that are contracted to provide the service. Through the Living Well service, pharmacies can help address risk factors which contribute significantly to the overall prevalence of disease in Northern Ireland. A campaign schedule has been developed that is aligned with public health priorities. Community pharmacists and pharmacy staff will display and provide information as well as give advice on targeted campaign topics to patients presenting prescriptions and to general pharmacy visitors.


Service Documentation

Living Well Campaign Schedule 2021-2022

Living Well Guidance

Living Well Service Specification

Living Well Campaign Schedule 2019-2020

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If you have queries in relation to resource packs and delivery, please contact  Please ensure your email subject heading is titled “LIVING WELL PHARMACY CAMPAIGN”.


Campaign Summary Reports 2019/2020

Care in the Sun

Choose to Live Better

Stay Well this Winter

Keep Antibiotics Working


Campaign Summary Reports 2020/2021

Looking after your health and wellbeing during COVID-19


Campaign Resources


2020-2021 Campaigns



NEW SCHEDULE (2020/2021) Campaign 1– Know your Units

Drugs and alcohol website

Know your Units Briefing Newsletter

A1/A3 poster – Know your units

A3 poster – Is your drinking putting your health at risk

A5 leaflet – Focus on Alcohol


Know your Units Quiz

Know your Units Wordsearch

Alcohol Social Media Schedule

Alcohol Social Media Launch

Alcohol MOT

Virtual Bar

Breastfeeding guidance

Drugs and Alcohol Support Services- North

Drugs and Alcohol Support Services – South

Drugs and Alcohol Support Services – West

Drugs and Alcohol Support Services – South Eastern

Drugs and Alcohol Support Services – Belfast

NICPLD – Public Health Brief intervention eLearning

Alcohol MOT -  Facebook and Instagram

Alcohol MOT -  Twitter

Focus on Alcohol - Facebook and Instagram

Focus on Alcohol - Twitter

Before You Pour Another video - all social platforms

Skeletons - Facebook and Instagram

Skeletons - Twitter

Support - all social platforms


Campaign 2 - Be Cancer Aware

Update Letter - Campaign Extension 

Be Cancer Aware webpage

 Be Cancer Aware briefing document

 A1 poster – Spotting cancer early could save the life

 A3 GP poster – “The earlier we diagnose cancer, the easier it is to treat”

 A3 pharmacist poster – “There are lots of small lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of cancer”

 A5 Be Cancer Aware booklet – Spotting symptoms and reducing your risk

Social Media schedule  - click here for schedule and assets   

Screening programmes

Sunscreen tips

Stop smoking support

Care in the Sun support

Choose to live better support

Know your Units support

Training – NICPLD recorded lectures and e-learning    

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