Disability Awareness Days

Information on Disabilities

In order to raise awareness of particular disabilities among our staff, we hold 2 Awareness Days per year. On these days we issue an information leaflet for staff, called Disability Insight, to staff. Disability insight aims to raise awareness of the disabilities, how they impact on people, what barriers people experience, and how staff can support colleagues with a specific disability. They also provide staff (including those who care for a person with a disability) with information on what support services are available.

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Issue 1 -  International Day of Epilepsy

Issue 2 -  World Sight Day

Issue 3 - Depression Awareness Day

Issue 4 - Hearing Loss & Deafness

Issue 5 - Learning Disabilities

Issue 6 - Cancer Awareness

Issue 7 - Arthritis and Musculoskeletal

Issue 8 - Diabetes

Issue 9 - Dyslexia

Issue 10 - Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Issue 11 - Autism