Routes to Cancer Diagnosis in Northern Ireland - New Research

Routes to Cancer Diagnosis in Northern Ireland – Research Report

Under its ‘Applying Advanced Analytics Project’, the Health Foundation has funded a number of pilot projects, to be carried out from within the UK health-service, to build up analytical capacity to drive monitoring and improvement of service delivery.

The HSC Business Services Organisation (BSO) in partnership with the Centre for Public Health in Queens’s University of Belfast, and supported by the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry submitted a successful project proposal looking at the routes to cancer diagnosis in Northern Ireland. The report, published on 15th Jan 2020, presents an analysis of the diagnostic routes for NI patients across the main cancer sites broken down by a range of factors including gender, age, deprivation, HSC Trust, stage of disease and net survival. Comparisons with England are also provided.  

The full report can be found at the following link:

Routes to Diagnosis Report - Main Report Jan 2020.pdf

SOP for Routes to Diagnosis Analysis - Jan 2020.pdf

SOP for Data Prep and Linkage Stage - Jan 2020.pdf

In addition to this an interactive tool has been developed. The tool is held in a zip file containing a number of html files which can be opened in a web browser, instructions on how to navigate the files are provided within the zip folder.

To download the interactive tool pack, please download the zip file saved at the below link:

 Pathways to a Cancer Diagnosis 2012_2016 Interactive