PPE Reorder Schedule for community pharmacy over Christmas and New Year holidays December 2021

PPE Update and Re-ordering Process for Community Pharmacy  9th December 2021

Community Pharmacy PPE Replenishment Form Updated 9th December 2021

COVID - CPVS  Eligible Patient for Booster   21st October 2021

Advice On Third Primary Dose For COVID-19 Vaccination  22nd September 2021

LFT Letter + Service Spec + Contract  13th August 2021

Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations  20th July 2021

HSC Complaints Procedure - COVID-19  1st July 2021

COVID - CPVS2 - Expression of Interest to Utilise the Moderna Vaccine  25th June 2021

Removal of Controlled Drugs From Urgent Pandemic Packs  23rd June 2021

Instalment Dispensing During the COVID-19 Pandemic  19th May 2021

Lateral Flow Tests for Asymptomatic Patient-Facing Primary Care Staff 12th May 2021

REMINDER - Lateral Flow Tests for Primary Care Staff - Registration  28th April 2021

Update - Infection Prevention and Control Guidance  10th March 2021

Appendix 1 - Infection Prevention and Control Guidance PHE  10th March 2021

Reminder - Reducing COVID-19 Transmission in Staff Rest Areas  26th January 2021

Expression of Interest - COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Service  Plus Annex B  25th Jan 2021

Encouraging Visitors To Wear Face Coverings in Pharmacy Settings  18th Jan 2021 

Face Coverings Apendix 1  18th Jan 2021 

Face Coverings Appendix 2  18th Jan 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Update - Adult Leaflet  7th January 2021

Advice For Patients With An Urgent Dental Need  21st December 2020

Face Coverings for HSC Staff  14th December 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination - Co-administering Vaccines to Care Homes  11th December 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Community Pharmacy and Staff  10th Dec 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination – Co-administering with other vaccines   8th December 2020

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Study  4th December 2020

Instalment Dispensing During the COVID-19 Pandemic  3rd December 2020

PPE - Community Pharmacy Order and Delivery - Christmas and New Year  3rd Dec 2020

Community Pharmacy Service : Living Well Campaigns  30th November 2020

Letter to CPs - Home Delivery Service During Pandemic - Monthly Return  27th Nov 2020

Letter to CPs - Update on Contact Tracing Service + PPE Ordering  17th Nov 2020


Actions in Event of Closures and Submission of SIT-REPS  4th November 2020

Reminder - Provision of Oxygen Therapy to New Patients in Care Homes  4th Nov 2020

Living Well Campaign Update  23rd October 2020

Grant Funding Allocation - Community Pharmacy Infrastructure  12th October 2020

COVID-19 Community Pharmacy Services Escalation Guidance  8th October 2020

PPE Update - Flu Vaccine Service  2nd October 2020

PPE - Update and Re-Ordering Process  1st October 2020

Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service  28th August 2020

Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service Specification  28th August 2020

Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service Privacy Notice  28th August 2020

CP Flu Vaccination Service (CPFV) - Expression of Interest Letter

CP Flu Vaccination Service (CPFV) - Service Contract

Business Continuity SIT-REP Submissions 9th July 2020

Community Pharmacy Commissioning Plan 2020/21  3rd July 2020

Community Pharmacy PPE - Update and Re-ordering Process 3rd July 2020

Community Pharmacy PPE Replenishment Form  Updated 16th November 2020

Community Pharmacy Commissioning Plan 2020/21  1st July 2020

Smoking Cessation Services During COVID Pandemic  1st July 2020

Video Conferencing Facilities For Pharmacy  15th June 2020

Video Conferencing - Zoom Instructions  15th June 2020

Letter to CPs - COVID Testing in Pharmacy Settings  8th May 2020

Completion of the Further Supply of Urgent Pandemic Packs to Nursing Homes 8th May 2020

COVID-19 Community Pharmacy Funding Assurance

COVID-19 - Nursing Home Local On-Call Arrangements 28th May 2020

Community Pharmacy Support to Nursing and Residential Homes 28th May 2020

Refresh of Hand Held Scanners in Community Pharmacy

COVID-19 - Community Pharmacy Palliative Care On-Call Service 20th May 2020

STAND DOWN - Policy For Assessment of Un-Used Prescribed Medicines in Care Homes

Additional Measures to Support Access To Palliative Care Medication During COVID-19

COVID-19 - Access to Childcare for Community Pharmacy Staff

Community Pharmacy - Opening and Closing Times

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Update and Reordering Process

Dental Support to Community Pharmacy Letter plus Appendix 1 - Honorary Contract Template

Update in Relation to Pharmacy Service During First Surge of COVID

Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) - Update

Community Pharmacy Service Opening Times

COVID-19 - Echo Support Network for Pharmacies Across NI  Update 27th April 2020

Oxygen Equipment - Decontamination and Return to Community Pharmacies and BOC

COVID-19 Cylinder Cleaning Procedure

The Use of Oxygen in Primary Care for Patients with COVID-19

Emergency Measures for Instalment Dispensing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Reporting of COVID-19 Deaths of HSC Workers to HSCB

Crime Prevention Guidance - Security Advice for Pharmacies  April 2020

Re-order Details for NCR ( No Carbon Required ) Pharmacy Vouchers

NPA PRO Delivery Manager System

URGENT : Change of Arrangements for COVID-19 Testing for Community Pharmacy Staff

Provision of Oxygen Therapy - New Patients in Nursing Home Settings - Short Term Change Arrangements

COVID-19 - Belfast Community Pharmacy Out of Hours Rota

Palliative Care Regional List Additions 1st April 2020

COVID-19 - Echo Support Network for Pharmacies Across NI Update

Engagement of Recently Retired Pharmacists

Regional Arrangements for Palliative Care Medication During COVID-19 Pandemic

Essential and Urgent Primary Eye Care

COVID-19 - Community Pharmacy 27th March 2020

HSC Key Worker Proof of Identity (Community Pharmacy Staff) Letter

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Pharmacy Letter - 6th March 2020

Stand Down Supervision Arrangements