Sodium Valproate Monitoring

This report aims to identify the number of female patients of child bearing age that have received prescriptions from their GP for sodium valproate. This data will be produced every 6 months to contribute to the monitoring of effectiveness of actions to ensure safe and appropriate use of sodium valproate in Northern Ireland. 

The statistics will be released on this page at 9.30am.  If you have issues accessing the information it can also be found on the site.

For more information on why this is important, particularly if you are female and taking sodium valproate, view the toolkit on the risks of valproate medicines in female patients.

Latest Version

Date Published: 16th February 2023

Date of Next Release: August 2023

Responsible Statistician: Rob Cunningham


 Sodium Valproate Monitoring Report up to December 2022

  Sodium Valproate Monitoring Infographic up to December 2022