PaLS PPE Statistics (COVID-19)

Information detailed below is derived from the Health and Social Care (HSC) Finance Procurement and Logistics (FPL) system and other management information sources available to BSO's Procurement and Logistics Service (PaLS).  The data included in these tables presents the latest number of Core Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items and COVID-19 impacted products which have been delivered by PaLS to HSC Services in Northern Ireland, from the BSO central distribution facility.  Primary Care providers (e.g. Dentists) may use equipment provided by PaLS, but may also separately purchase other equipment in addition to this.  This is also true of Secondary Care providers but to a much lesser extent.  The figures presented in this document only represent those items delivered by PaLS, not those purchased/sourced from other suppliers.

Current Monthly Publication

Date Published: 18th May 2022

These experimental statistics, relating to personal protective equipment (PPE) items distributed for use by health and social care services in Northern Ireland, include breakdowns of deliveries for individual key PPE items.  Weekly deliveries are presented and the latest publication covers the period week ending 6th March 2020 to week ending 29th April 2022. This is the twenty-second monthly release of these data and update the previous figures which ran to 1st April 2022. Note that some of the figures in the previously published back series have been revised - further details are provided on the 'Revisions to the Series' sheet of the Excel workbook.

These experimental statistics are released on the second Wednesday of every month.  Exact dates can be found in the FPS Publication Timetable.

Date of next release: 15th June 2022

The statistics will be released on this page at 9.30am.  If you have issues accessing the information it can also be found on the site.

 Weekly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Deliveries, Northern Ireland: week ending 6th March 2020 to week ending 29th April 2022

PaLS PPE Statistics (COVID-19) Infographic

 PaLS PPE Statistics (COVID-19) Pre-Release Access List


The data tables for the latest publication are now available in Open Data CSV format:

    Weekly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Deliveries, Northern Ireland Open Data CSVs