Central Team

Who We Are

The Central Team within the Directorate of Legal Services is comprised of a number of specialist Solicitors and Legal Assistants. The areas covered for the HSC are judicial review, declaratory applications to the High Court, the Mental Capacity Act, the Infected Blood Inquiry, RQIA and NISCC.

The areas covered comprise diverse areas of law and clientele which includes the Trusts and other HSC organisations.

What We Do

The Central Team represents the Health and Social Care Trusts in a variety of areas of law which includes:

  • Judicial Review which relates to the legality of any HSC Body’s processes, acts or omissions.
  • The Mental Capacity Act (NI) 2016 (certain provisions of which  came into effect on December 2nd  2019)
  • The ongoing public inquiry relating to infected blood  in London
  • Declaratory orders in relation to necessary interventions (such as medical interventions) to protect those who lack relevant capacity.

Central team also provides:-

  • Advice and representation to the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (the regulatory body for social workers and social care workers).
  • Advice and representation to RQIA.

Where court proceedings are necessary, Central Team deals with the conduct of the litigation and any issues as they arise during the course of the proceedings in conjunction with the client and counsel if and when instructed such as:

  • Drafting pleadings and draft Orders
  • Instructing counsel and experts, if necessary
  • Consultations with counsel, witnesses,  experts and other related bodies such as the Official Solicitor
  • Attending court  reviews
  • Attempting to resolve the matter where appropriate or bring the matter to hearing without undue delay
  • Attending the hearing of the case
  • Ensuring that costs are scrutinised and challenged as applicable


Central Team provides training on an ongoing basis as required and has provided training recently on the new Mental Capacity Act and also on the Mental Health Review Tribunals for Approved Social Workers.