Cataract Service

All documents and information contained below relate to the Post Operative Cataract Review & Assessment Service (Optometry).

Page last updated: 29th March 2022 @ 10:20.


  • Guidance on Post-Operative Cataract Review Assement Service for Optometry Practices not connected to the HSCNI Network / Optometry Portal is available HERE

  • Post-Operative Cataract Review Assessment Service - Quick Reference Guide v1 (March 2022) is available HERE

  • Service Specification for Primary Care Post Operative Cataract Review and Assessment v2 (October 2021) is available HERE

  • FAQ's - HSCB - Answers to Queries raised at the Cataract Service Webinars (September 2021) is available HERE

  • Cataract Pathway Guidance - Revised - Version 3 (September 2021) is available HERE

  • Post-Operative cataract review in primary care optometry - Patient Information Leaflet (September 2021) is available HERE

  • Medisoft User Guidance: Recording a community post-operative cataract assessment online is available HERE

  • MOS 337 - Management of Claims for Post-Operative Cataract Review and Assessment - (September 2021) is available HERE