Rebuilding Support Scheme

FAO: All General Dental Practitioners

Application for GDS Rebuilding Support Scheme

Last Updated: 30th January 2023 (08:00)


Applications for GDS Rebuilding Support Scheme are open

Scheme closes @ 5pm on Wednesday 8th February 2023

Please note that the BSO cannot process any applications after this deadline and support payments will not be made


Applications for the scheme will only be accepted electronically by completing the following link.


This is public facing encrypted HSC website and you do not need a Cryptocard or access to the BSO secure portal to complete this application i.e. it can be completed securely via personal pc/laptop/tablet/iPad/smart phone (iPhone, android etc.).


When you click submit you will see the following message if successful.



Further Information:

Scheme FAQs GDS RSS FAQs V1 – 11 March 2022 are available here: Rebuilding Support Scheme (