Inquiries & Inquests Team

Who We Are

The dedicated Inquiries and Inquests team was established in September 2022 to accommodate the growing demand from our clients for legal support within this area, bringing together a team which consists at present of 15 staff.

What We Do

The Inquiries team are currently involved in a number of high profile Public Inquiries including The Urology Services Inquiry, The Muckamore Area Hospital Inquiry and the UK COVID 19 Inquiry.

The legal work involved in these Inquiries is intensive with hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence to be reviewed and detailed statements to be provided by our clients and their staff. The solicitors also work collaboratively with Counsel who they instruct and  attend the Inquiry hearings and provide support to the staff called to give evidence.

The Inquests team work closely with the Trusts’ litigation and Coronial officers to support and advise any staff involved in Inquests. DLS deal with staff in a sensitive manner throughout the course of the Inquest process and work closely with our panel Counsel to ensure the staff involved feel supported and prepared for any Inquest hearing they attend.


The team also provide training to Trusts on issues relating to Inquests.